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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Welding and Cutting

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Welding and Cutting
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Welding and Cutting

Like other jobs or careers, welders must wear suitable protective equipment. In general, Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) must protect against hazards such as burns, sparks, spatter, electric shock,
and radiation. The use of PPE is a good safe practice and may be required by regulatory agencies. For example, OSHA requires the use of PPE when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible 
or effective.

Welding and cutting can produce hazards such as sparks, spatter, radiation (infrared, ultraviolet, and blue light), slag, heat, hot metal, fumes and gases, and even electric shock. Since these hazards may cause
burns, injury, or death, it is important to wear proper PPE at all times.

• Wear a helmet with filter lens and cover plate that complies with ANSI  Z87.1 for protection from radiant
energy, flying sparks, and spatter.
• According to ANSI Z49.1 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.252, "Helmets and hand shields shall protect the face, forehead, neck, and ears to a vertical line in back of the ears, from the direct radiant energy from the
arc and from direct weld spatter."
• Helmets shall be made of material that complies with ANSI Z49.1.
• Filter lenses and cover plates must meet the tests prescribed in ANSI Z87.1.
• Wear approved safety glasses with side shields (or goggles) under your helmet.
• The safety glasses with side shields (or goggles) are used to protect against flying metal, slag chips,
grinding fragments, wire wheel bristles, and similar hazards, which can ricochet under the helmet.
• Choose a filter lens shade according to the Lens Shade Selector Chart in ANSI Z49.1.
• Consult AWS Fact Sheet 31, Eye and Face Protection for Welding and Cutting Operations.

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